Punjab Police Intelligence Operator Jobs 2023

Vacant Position

Punjab Police Pakistan serves as the primary law enforcement agency in the province, dedicated to upholding justice, maintaining public order, and ensuring the safety of its diverse population. Committed to professionalism and integrity, the force employs a comprehensive approach to law enforcement, incorporating community engagement, crime prevention, and effective response strategies. With a mission to create a secure environment, Punjab Police actively collaborates with the community, employing modern technology and rigorous training to stay ahead of evolving challenges. As the guardians of peace, they play a crucial role in fostering a safer and harmonious society in the dynamic region of Punjab, Pakistan.

Punjab Police Intelligence Operator Jobs 2023
Punjab Police Intelligence Operator Jobs 2023

Intelligence Operator

As a Punjab Police Pakistan Intelligence Operator, my role is to safeguard the community through vigilant intelligence gathering and analysis. I am committed to maintaining law and order, preventing criminal activities, and ensuring the safety of citizens. With a focus on upholding justice, I employ advanced investigative techniques to identify and neutralize potential threats. My dedication to public service extends to fostering community trust and cooperation. Through constant training and adaptability, I strive to stay ahead of emerging challenges, contributing to a secure environment for all. In the pursuit of a safer Punjab, I stand as a vigilant guardian at the forefront of intelligence operations.

Job Criteria:

EducationFA FSC ICS ICOM DAE etc.
Age25 Years


Opening Date3 December 2023
Closing Date20 December 2023
Age Limit25 Years
Pay ScaleBPS-07
Processing Fee500Rs

How to Apply:

The application form can be downloaded from Join Punjab Police Website https://punjabpolice.gov.pk/police-jobs

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